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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Best Practices For Siebel

Through my experience I have learnt that there are always several ways to accomplish everything. Some of them are the right way to do things and some of them are wrong way. It might take a little more effort to do things in right way but it always pay in the long run. Wrong way might save you some time and effort but price you have and consequences you have to suffer are far greater. This post here would provide you some insight on doing thing right way in siebel.

  • Whenever there is a requirement to extend a column in a table it is suggested that instead of extending the Base Table we should extend the Extension table corresponding to it.
    Whenever you extend the column in a table make sure you also extend the EIM table corresponding to it and also make a record in the Attribute Mapping.
    Steps for it:

    a) Go to the EIM Interface table object and identify the correct EIM table.

    b) Extend the EIM Table.

    c) In EIM Table Mapping object > Attribute Mapping Object > create a record for newly added column.

  • The customized buttons who have the Method Invoked Property as"EventMethod%" ie. prefixed with 'EventMethod' need not to be forcibly enable
    by using 'PreCanInvoke" event scripting.
    They are always enabled.

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