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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Siebel... First look

Siebel, I heard this world when I entered the world of IT. I said to myself what the hell is that, out of university having mind full of the magic words like C++, Java, .Net. The word siebel didn't ring any bell. Then someone from the crowd of the newly joinees blurted out I think it is a CRM and I (well, most of us) had no idea what was he talking about. Then he started telling us some definitions which he must have learnt while completing his course and it was going all over our head we couldn't understand a word.Then as time passed we learnt what actually a CRM is and what exactly is Siebel. I would say I was rather lucky to come or rather stumble across Siebel (Which I realised later.. of course).

Enough of background now something for which you are here.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. We come across CRM everyday in our life but we seldom notice it. It is a very basic concept of any business even a street peddler selling trivial stuff uses CRM in on form or the other (I know it sounds absurd right now, but just wait a little more) and still we never notice it.

An example would explain what exactly I mean

When we go to a our shop across the street and we buy say a toothpaste or a tea bag the shop owner knows that we prefer a specific brand and without our asking he presents us with a brand that we want. This in layman terms can defined as a CRM. He is able to provide you the personalized experience based on the perfrences he has come to know about you over a period of time and memorizing them to make you to come back to him. Now when we talk about MNC's and other really big companies they want to provide their customers with similar personalised experiences but it is not possible to remember all the details of muti millon dollar deals so they depend on CRM for these needs and that is where Siebel comes into picture.

We all know that in today's cut throat competition where World is a global village the most difficult thing to do for a business is to retain customers. Dynamics of today's business change very quickly we need to be flexible to accommodate changes may be on daily basis if required. This is where Siebel comes into the picture. It helps us manage every transaction that we have with our customer using technologies like Siebel Analytics forecast what the demand will be in few years to come.It helps in managing business transaction of mammoth level with ease. siebel can be used by wide variety of business including sales, marketing, callcenter etc.

In next few posts I will discuss more about siebel and it various applications.


forankit21 said...

Good Job Neel

forankit21 said...

Neel something related to Scripting and Workflow.

sharath said...


I love this blog. It provides amazing information about Siebel.



Neel said...

Thanks Sharath, for these encourging words. Will try to add as much as I can

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