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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Siebel Administrator - An Overview!

Siebel Adminstrator is different domain all together. Again a pretty intresting area to work in siebel (I have been saying this for everything I have mentioned so far, haven't I :) )

But this is one area where I wish to work some day. Haven't had chance to do that because as far as other areas are concerned they are inter linked and sooner or later you will be working on them but this one area is pretty seperate from others. Siebel EAI, Scripting, Workflows can be considered as a part of Siebel Development but Siebel Admin is a different ball game altogether.

Main Responsibilties of a Siebel Admin are

  • Install Siebel Servers and its components
  • Manage Siebel Servers and Components
  • Manage Web Servers such as iPlanet and IIS
  • Troubleshoot Seibel Server Related issues
  • Deploying of SRF and Repositories from one environment to others.
  • Co-ordinating with various teams such Web Server, Database and Integration teams

Knowledge of Unix, Linux and shell scripting can be an added advantage as most of Siebel Server installation are on Unix Servers. If you have interest in OS, troubleshooting and you love to work from command line then this is the area for you. Generally, all the siebel implementation have more than one servers that a person has to manage. You, will need to be pretty thorough with your siebel architechture basic if you want to succeed in this area.

Usually the work of a siebel admin is managing as there are fresh implementations are pretty rare. Also, you will need to have strong database skills if you want to really make your mark as siebel admin.

Pro's of Siebel Administrator

  • Good chance of going abroad :)
  • Intresting and challenging Assignments
  • You can get pretty good experience on Unix which can help you to go towards System Admin in case you want to switch.
  • Pretty good demand in Indrustry

Con's of Siebel Administrator

  • Most of the implementations are abroad so you might have to work late in night (may be shifts)
  • Most of the times work involved is only of maintaince and troubleshooting.

But still, If you love linux or Unix and your area interest in database this is the area for you.

All the best for future!!

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dpfromcanberra said...

VPD file - Fresh Installation Issues after Uninstalling an Existing Application:-

Lets take an example of Actuate Report Server Installed on single server Environment and some reason has not been properly installed and then you decide to uninstall and re-install the Actuate report Server.
After succesfully un-installing the application using the Uninstall folder under the root of the D:\sea_thirdparty_770** and re-start the server to clean the orphan files or folders left by un-installation process.

After launching the installation and when you get to the point of "Click Next to Install "Siebel Report Server" to this directory...., it says that there already another instance of the Siebel Report Server running on the location D:\Sea_thirdparty_770 OR choose a "NEW INSTANCE to Install" - you would scratch you head and go to check the drive then the registry to see if any instance is running and after wating almost couple of hours(pulling out hair) you give up and think what to do next as Uninstallation would have doen the work and then you will try to check in "Add/Remove" there also you will not find any reference to Actuate and then start to think that all these years of exp in siebel has not helped you and start to plan next skill upgrade :-) ... well dont go that far... Unistalling thru the folder under the root does not always do the work 100%, I would use "Add/remove" to uninstall the Application rather than the uninstall folder.
Let me got the cause of this issue, under C:\Windows there is a file called "" file this file contains all information of the siebel and its associated applications installed and removing that value's of "D:\sea_thirdparty_770" will let you do the installtion.

So to sum up, after every unistallation please check for this file and if you find one, rename it before you start fresh installtion.

my name is Dwarka and I work for Federal dept in canberra(Australia)as a Siebel Infrastructure and Deployment Contractor.

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