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Monday, October 8, 2007

Siebel EAI - An Overview.

'Man is a social animal' they say and we have to depend on others to thrive and grow. It is pretty much true when it comes to software. A software in itself is rarely complete it generally dependent on other software for things like information, processing the information, storing the information etc. So, there has to be mechanism to join or integrate various softwares so that they can work together seemlessly appearing as one system capable of doing everything. Siebel EAI is the domain that deals with integrating siebel to other hetrogenous and homogenous systems or Applications such as Java, .Net and siebel itself.

EAI stands for Enterprise Application Integration. It is according to me is one of the most intresting and challenging jobs in siebel. If you love web and web related things then you are going to love it too. But beware you might end up spending sleepless nights (just kidding, but still you need to put a lot of hard work). The most common implementation of EAI today is Web Services. To get more information on Web Services you can go through articles on Web Services and Web Service PPT that I created during my intial days of working on EAI.

Siebel EAI can be summarised by following points

  • Integration with other Applications such as .Net, Java and Siebel Itself.
  • Integrating with the help of 3rd Party Middlewares such as TIBCO, MQ Series, BizTalk, Oracle Apps etc.
  • Integrating directly using Web Services.
  • Understanding of XML, XSD, HTTP is desirable.

Pros of Siebel EAI

  • Dearth of Siebel EAI experts can raise the market value of your skills.
  • Intresting and Challenging Assignments.

Cons of Siebel EAI

  • Might result in long hours in office.
  • Integration projects are small in number.

My Advice : Jump on it if you get a chance, you won't regret it. But if you don't like XML,Web, HTML and woudn't want to spend long hours in office then stay away from it.

Read Below if you want to know what others have to say :

Vipul Saxena : It is break away job from routine configuration and scripting jobs. Challenging Assignments and great statisfaction when you are able to do it successfully. A rare skill, must have if you have intrest in scripting and web.

Ankit Walia : Don't loose it if you get the chance.

Gaurav Gupta : Analytics and Siebel EAI are at par. Hottest thing happening in siebel. Best thing that you can get when entering into siebel. Nothing is better than this.

Anupam Rastogi : Not a cup of tea for everybody only a person with intrest can excel and succeed in it. If you understand EAI properly can also be used on unorthodox places.

Siebel EAI Rocks !!!!!!


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