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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Siebel How To - Create Inbound and Outbound Webservice?

I was fortunate enough early in my carrer to get a chance to work on Siebel EAI. It was the first implementation of Web Services in our project. So, had to struggle a lot to understand basics of web service. But I always from my school time had intrest in XML and Web so understanding that part was not that difficult but I really had to work hard to understand web services from Siebel Prespective. I am thankful to God now that there was nobody to guide me at that time which resulted in terrific learning and understanding of a fact

'Siebel is Huge' like a sea and what I have explored till now is not even 10% of whole Siebel.

During my days working on Siebel Web Services I created a Powerpoint Presentation (PPT) which had minimum steps that you need to perform to create Inbound and Outbound Service with Screen Shots. Which I would like to share with you all. It can act as a your guide to check If you are missing any steps in creating Web Service. It is not a comprehensive guide but just a tutorial to give you insight and to point you to the right direction if you are involved in EAI.

Click on the Link Below to download the PPT.

Download Now!!!!

Hope this post helps you. Please post your comments and suggestions.


chaitanya said...

when I try to download the above said webservice tutorial ppt,I am seeing page cannot be displayed webpage.

Neel said...

It is working fine for me. May be some firewall or something is preventing you from accessing it or it might be a momentary problem. Please try again. If it still doesn't work I will put an alternate link

kishan said...

when I try to download the webservice ppt,it is displyaing rapidshare site ,in that Iam not able to find the link

Maria said...

Have you ever attempted to configure this? Please let me know if you were successful. I am a bit lost. TIA!!!

Anonymous said...

Good tutorial for the basics of Siebel webservices. If you have more time, I would encourage explanation of Data Mapper to map siebel objects/business component fields to integration objects and Workflows required to consume inbound webservice data or receipt of inbound data.


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