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Monday, October 8, 2007

Siebel CRM - I wish I knew !

A lot of time when we look at the things that we have done in past we get a feeling that If I would have known a few things earlier I could have done a lot of things in a different and better way.

This is specially true in case of Siebel, being a specialized technology there aren't many people who can guide us in right direction. When I started in Siebel everything was a blur for me. I had absolutely no idea, what siebel is all about? what choices do I have?
I had to learn things gradually from my experience through my mistakes and I of course my luck. I was lucky enough to be put in Siebel EAI and had intresting assignments and most important of all I wanted to do it, but there were others not so lucky on whom the choices were thrust upon because they had absolutely no information to base their choices upon.

Through this article I would like to spread the awareness of the choice that we have when we enter the world of siebel, different aveneus that we can explore .So, that we can take our own decision based on our interest and taste rather than sitting back and let somebody else make the choice for us.
According to my knowledge following are the major functional areas in siebel from which you can choose to specialze.

Each area has its own Pros and Cons. I will enabling links once the detail information is put on that particular area and also I will aslo be putting in comments from my friends and colleges working on siebel in these particular domains. From the areas metioned above Siebel Configuration and Siebel Scripting are the areas that you need to have basic knowledge. They can be considered as a kind of must to progress in any area of siebel development.


Flexi said...

That was a nice intro.. Can you post few more articles about Siebel CRM..?

1. Why CRM is important? what is the advantage over other CRM's available in the market?

2. Why is Siebel still owning a fair % in the CRM market?

3. What influence does Siebel have after taken over by Oracle?

Its only to know much about Siebel. Thanks.

Neel said...


You have asked pretty good questions. and I have looking for people who can give best and accurate answers. Will be posting some guest articles soon to answer the questions mentioned by you.

praveen kumar said...

we have peoplesoft crm,oracle crm in the market .every crm(other than siebel crm)directly r indirectly depends on in that first of all need to develop ERP then goes to crm.but where as in crm is not depends on ERP.thats y siebel crm is soooooo crazy. frm alampally

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