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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Siebel Dedicated Client - Executing Workflows!

Problem Statement :
Whenever we try execute a functionality in siebel dedicated client involving workflows we get an error message!

Problem Description:
Ever tried executing functionality that involved workflows from dedicated client. If you have then you must be familiar from this problem. Whenever you try to execute functionality in siebel which involves execution of workflows with the default CFG file you will get an error message. (Will update the post with exact error message)

If you go through the CFG file you will see a section [InfraObjMgr] which contains a parameter:

RequestServerName = CHANGE_ME

Just update the value CHANGE_ME to the name of your workflow server, save your CFG and your problem is solved. Example given

RequestServerName = server2 (server2 will be the server where workflow manager resides)

Hope this post Helps you.If yes, Do post your comments!!!!


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