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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Siebel Business Analyst - An Overview!

Siebel Business Analyst (BA) is quite an interesting and lucrative job . Lucrative because most of the opportunities for a Siebel BA are Abroad.
Yes, the ones who's dream is to go abroad this is the choice for you. But beware not everybody can be a BA. One of the most important pre-requisite to be a BA is to have good communication skills. You, are at the client end representing your company so you have to good in communication skills.

Business Analyst job can be broadly divided into two streams.

  • Technical Business Analyst.
  • Functional Business Analyst.
Technical Business Analyst : They are also known as Technical Solution Architects [Sound's impressive isn't it. Well I have worked as one :) ]. Their main responsibility is to talk to client, understand the requirement and then design it. The most interesting and challenging part of Technical BA is to design the requirement.
How many times while working as developer we have scolded the person who had created the design. Well, the only way to change it is to be the one to design :). You, need to have strong technical skills if you want to be a Technical BA.

Functional Business Analyst : Their main Responsibility is to understand the requirement functionally. The line between the Technical and Functional BA is really thin and most of the time both duties are performed by one person. Functional BA's can afford to be technically weak :).

Siebel BA role can be summarized as below
  • Talk to client, gather requirements and design it.
  • Should have functional and Technical knowledge of product.
  • It is Step Forward towards Management Role

Pro's of BA Role

  • You earn in a foreign currency :)
  • Challenging and Interesting Job.
  • You get to travel to various places.
  • Tremendous contribution towards your Personality growth.

Con's of BA

  • Being on client side you are constantly under lot of pressure.
  • You have to be away from you family and country most of the times.
  • You have to perpare Technical and Functional Documents [I hate that :) ]
My Advice : If you don't mind being away from family and you don't want to be a techie then this is job you want, provided you have good communication skills. But, If you like India and family like me then may be you might like to stay away from it. But still a good domain option in Siebel and contributes a lot in your personal development and your experience.

PS : The views expressed in above post are my personal. If you think differently feel free to post comments or write to me. I will be more than happy to include them in this post.


The inner Instinct... said...

I am a technical person working on CRM Siebel for the past 4 years. I am really interested in BA roles but dont have enough guidance to achieve the goal as of now. Can you please send me some BA related documents and your suggestions on what i need to do for this ? My email id is
Thanks a lot.

Arvinth said...


I am now pursuing my MBA in US. I had worked in TCS for 3 years before pursuing my MBA. I would like to work as s Siebel BA though I have no prior experience working in Siebel CRM before. I would like to know if a 1 month training would be enough to work as a Siebel BA. It would be great if you can mail me at thanks in advance!!


mohan said...

I am working in siebel CRM for last 4 years in the support side. I am really interested to switch to the Functional BA career. Can you guide me how can I proceed from here??

Mail me at

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