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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Siebel Tools How To - Have Mutiple Local database Instances?

This article is a step by step guide to have mutiple local database instances on the same system.
Below mentioned points might be the reason why you would want to do that

  • You are working on mutilple projects and they all have repository named 'Siebel Repository'. You want to work on both repositories simultaneously.
  • You share your system and you want the changes made by other developer to be on a different instance rather than yours.
  • You have a server that can be accessed by mutiple people who work on it simultaneously

So, How do you do that? Here is the answer

  • Make a copy of your siebel local database (that is file named sse_data.dbf) rename it to be anything such as sse_data_copy.dbf
  • Make a copy your tools.cfg file (which should be residing in siebel install dir\tools\bin\enu\) and rename it to such as tool_copy.cfg
  • Open the tools_copy.cfg file scroll down to section [Local]
  • Find parameter named Connect String and change the value to reflect the name and path of you newly created copy of your dbf file.

for example

Previous Value : C:\PROGRA~1\Siebel\7.8\Tools\local\sse_data.dbf -q -m -x NONE -gp 4096 -c256m -ch256m -ch256m

New Value : C:\PROGRA~1\Siebel\7.8\Tools\local\sse_data_copy.dbf -q -m -x NONE -gp 4096 -c256m -ch256m -ch256m

you can change the other parameters also. To learn more about other parameters please read my post Siebel CRM - Configuration File (cfg) Disected and Explained.

  • Change the parameter named DockRepositoryName to different name if you don't want to have repository of your newly created instance to be Siebel Repository.
  • Create a copy of your shortcut which you use to access your siebel tools instance.
  • Right Click on the newly created instance and choose properties from the context menu
  • In the Target field of the newly opened window scroll to the point where it mentions the name of the cfg file which should be tools.cfg
  • Rename just the name of the file to tools_copy.cfg (the name of the copy of the cfg file you made)

for example

Orignal Value : "C:\Program Files\Siebel\7.8\Tools\BIN\siebdev.exe" /c "C:\PROGRA~1\Siebel\7.8\Tools\bin\enu\tools.cfg"

New Value : "C:\Program Files\Siebel\7.8\Tools\BIN\siebdev.exe" /c "C:\PROGRA~1\Siebel\7.8\Tools\bin\enu\tools_copy.cfg"

And you are done. Now you have two Siebel tools instances on the same system.

This solution will not work if :

  1. If you mutiple users work on the system at same time. (For example a terminal server where multiple users can login and work simultenously)
  2. If you want to Check in your changes to a different server

In next article we will discuss about additional changes that can be done to overcome this problem.

I Hope this post was helpful to you. If yes, Please post your comments or suggestion to make this site better.


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