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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Siebel CRM How To - Invoke Wrokflow through BC User Property

Till siebel 7.5 the only method know to invoke workflows were

  • Runtime Events in start step of workflow
  • Business Service
  • Business Component Script
  • Workflow Policies
But from Siebel 7.7 ownwards there is one more method by which we can invoke a workflow. That way is Siebel business Component user property. You can 'Named Methodn' user property in a BC which can invoke a workflow where n is increment to the last named method user property defined on that BC.

Name: Named Method

Value:[Event Name] , "INVOKESVC", , "Workflow Process Manager", "RunProcess", 'ProcessName',[Name of the Workflows] , 'RowId', [Row Id Value]


The below mentioned will invoke a workflow named 'Example Workflow' when a new record is created in Example BC.

Name: Named Method 1

Value: "New Record", "INVOKESVC", "Example", "Workflow Process Manager", "RunProcess", "'ProcessName'", "Example Wrokflow", "'RowId'", "[Id]"

Hope this post helps you. If yes, Please post your comments.


chaitanya said...

what u have explained about named method is very good and helpful to me.But one question in my mind is Named method used only to invoke a workflow

Neel said...

Chaitanya, thanks for posting a comment. Named method property can be used for invoking business services and also to enable button without use of CanInvoke Scripting. Will be adding a full post explaining Name Method User Property soon. So come back.

vamsi said...

Hi Neel,

This is really usefull and worthfull.


Anonymous said...
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